Season’s Greetings from Marleen Kloppers and Bernard Kobes, Board of Directors

Hoofddorp, 20 December, 2021

Dear all,

As we write this, a broad and long-lasting lockdown has just been announced. A new blow that will have to be overcome in the fight against the virus. Even though the evening lockdown was already very impactful for our sector, these even more far-reaching measures have hit us hard at the end of a year that was – once again – difficult. That is why we would like to address you for a moment. Not so much to talk about the successes of 2021 or what 2022 has in store for Buma/Stemra, but to pause for a moment. With you, the heart of Buma/Stemra.

We know how intense this is for all composers, lyricists and publishers who are affiliated to us. But also for everyone who works in our great music industry in some other way and who supports our members: starting musicians, music teachers, technicians. And, of course, for everyone who so gratefully uses the music of our members: from bars and restaurants to shops and hairdressers. We depend so much on each other and are all in the same boat at the moment. We hope that we can hold on to each other a little at this time. That there is room for understanding and solidarity.

Fortunately, 2021 also had some beautiful and good sides to it: we were actually able to work again! With the QR code, theatres and venues could open again and the Netherlands could enjoy live music again. That was fantastic, after such a long time of nothing. Let’s hold on to that, to that feeling. Because one day it will be possible again and we should look forward to that! With a beer in your hand at a festival, shoulder to shoulder enjoying all the beauty that can be heard in the Netherlands. Thanks to you. We need you. The Netherlands needs you. Also in 2022. Music has once again proven, especially during this pandemic, to be a driving force for social growth and connection. Personally, we are very grateful to you.

So keep it up! We at Buma/Stemra will do everything in our power to support you. With the best deals, with online platforms, with clear agreements with the hospitality industry, with smarter tools within MyBumaStemra, with support where it is needed in the field of, for example, streaming of live performances. And hopefully with a third phase of the Music Investment Fund, which we will keep you informed about.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call or email us. We are happy to think along with you and we would love to hear your ideas to get through this time together as best as possible. You can find our contact details at the bottom of this email.

We wish you happy holidays and a creative, successful and healthy 2022. We hope to see you again soon on a stage, at an outdoor festival venue, in a concert hall or wherever your great music can be heard.

Kind regards,
Marleen Kloppers and Bernard Kobes
Board of Directors
+31(23)799 79 99