IMPALA and BUMA/STEMRA create first ever European portal for mechanical rights licensing

28 November 2011

IMPALA and BUMA/STEMRA – the Dutch Collecting Society for Mechanical Music Rights – have concluded a unique breakthrough agreement which creates the first ever European portal for “off-line” mechanical rights licensing. Physical sales accounted for over 70% of the market in 2010* and the objective is to achieve efficiencies in the licensing and administration of mechanical rights for independent music producers (mostly SMEs) and rights owners.

BUMA/STEMRA is offering IMPALA members and members of national associations that are members of IMPALA the efficiency of an overall mechanical (rights) licence in this first ever European one-stop-shop. For STEMRA, making this deal with independents through IMPALA represents the most efficient way to enhance the benefits of their state-of-the-art MS Dynamics AX system. The agreement covers both audio carriers and music DVD productions. BUMA/STEMRA has been selected by IMPALA following negotiations with different societies.

BUMA/STEMRA offers interested IMPALA members, under certain conditions, a BIEM agreement. This agreement covers mechanical licences on a non-exclusive basis for the use, by IMPALA members, of all (inter)national STEMRA/BIEM repertoire for off-line use. Members throughout the EEA are able to join the agreement.

Hein van der Ree, CEO, BUMA/STEMRA: “This new structure creates the possibility of a European one-stop-shop, a single licence for all of Europe. At the same time, the arrangement will create improved transparency for rights owners through the aggregation of these European licences.”

Helen Smith, Executive Chair, IMPALA: “Independents currently have agreements for mechanical licences in many European countries on many different conditions. We are confident that this will streamline the whole licensing process and add value for independent labels in helping them to sustain their position in the European music market, producing over 80% of all new releases.”

* European recorded music sales by sector in 2010 (IFPI)
73% physical, 18% digital, 9% performance

IMPALA was established in April 2000 to represent independent music companies. They are world leaders in terms of innovation and discovering new music and artists – accounting for more than 80% of all new releases, as well as 80% of the sector’s jobs. Their potential is enormous but is hampered by complex barriers to trade in the European single market and severe market access problems. Cultural and creative SMEs are now officially recognised by the EU as “the drivers of growth, job creation and innovation”. IMPALA award winning artists include Efterklang, Adele, Manu Chao, Radiohead, Agnes Obel, Caro Emerald and Sigur Ros.

For further details please visit or contact IMPALA on or call +32 2 503 31 38

About Buma/Stemra
Buma/Stemra is the collecting society for music in the Netherlands. Buma/Stemra represents the interests of music authors and music publishers worldwide and promotes Dutch music as an international product. Music authors can transfer the commercial exploitation of their music copyright to Buma/Stemra. Keeping track of who is using their music can be a lot of work for music authors to do themselves. Buma/Stemra will do this job for them and makes sure music authors receive remuneration for the use of their creations. One of the things Buma/Stemra does is to ensure this by signing agreements with music users.