Weddings and birthdays

Am I required to pay for music at a private party?

Buma/Stemra is often asked the question whether a payment must be made for the use of, for example, live or DJ music at a private party, such as a wedding or corporate event. We then usually talk about a ‘closed circle’.

The main rule is that, even at such occasions, music can only be heard if you have received permission from the creator of the music, the music author or the publisher. This permission is only given under certain conditions. One of these conditions is the payment of a fee. The height of the fee will partly depend on the type of music use.

Are there any exceptions?

There is indeed an exception to the main rule. If the persons attending the party belong to a ‘family, friends or an equivalent circle of people’ and no entrance fee is charged for the party, then no permission is needed. Please note that a ‘family, friends or an equivalent circle of people’ situation only exists where there are mutual bonds of friendship (or slightly less close ties) between all the attendees. This exception will therefore not occur quickly.

What if I have doubts about my party and Buma/Stemra?

If you are organizing a party and you are not sure whether you are required to pay a fee or not, please contact us. On the basis of your information, we will then check whether you need permission from Buma/Stemra. Whether you need permission for your use of music needs to be decided in advance. Click here to view the rates, here to apply for a license and here to conclude a license.