Terms and conditions

What requirements must I meet in order to join Buma/Stemra as a music publisher?

We would advise you to first check the name of your publishing house with us. To avoid confusion, this name should not already exist in our database. In addition, you should be registered with the Chamber of Commerce under this (trade) name with the description ‘music publisher’ or ‘the publishing of music’.

Does it make sense to join Stemra if my music is released on a CD created under my own management?

If you are the publisher for the CD production and are also the composer and/or lyricist of all the numbers, then it does not make sense to join. Because, as the publisher, you will first pay us for the CD production. The right to make use of the copyright protected work is transferred to Stemra. As the composer or lyricist, you will only receive a remuneration later, with a deduction of costs. If this is the only form of use of your music, joining Stemra is not (yet) advisable.

How short or long does a musical work need to be in order to be detected?

In order to be able to make a good fingerprint, a sound file must last at least three seconds.