Do I have to declare my Buma/Stemra income to the Tax Authorities?

Yes, the income that you receive from Buma/Stemra must be declared to the Tax Authorities. Buma/Stemra does not deduct any income tax or premiums from these remunerations.
Any taxation of the income received from Buma/Stemra takes place based on your income tax return. Buma/Stemra provides a Buma and Stemra annual specification once at the beginning of the year, in which the total remunerations distributed to your name in the last calendar year are listed. You can use this annual specification for your income tax return for that calendar year. You will find the annual specification on the portal under the ‘Documents’ tab. Buma/Stemra is also required to provide the Tax Authorities with the details from your annual specification provided to you, and this takes place each year before 1 February via a so-called IB47 for the digital delivery of specifications of amounts paid to third parties. The Tax Authorities will use this data to check your tax return.

Do I have to pay VAT to Buma/Stemra on my income?

Composers and lyricists are exempt from payment of VAT, insofar as this applies to the provision of services related to their copyright. In other words, the payment that you receive from Buma/Stemra does not include VAT, and you will not have to pay any VAT.