What are sound files?

A sound file is an audio file (MP3) of a musical work. This audio file can be added to your own works via the portal. The audio file is converted into a “fingerprint’ that is then added to the fingerprint database. Fingerprints are then directly matched to the sound files of broadcasters.

  1. It should be an MP3 file

This is the only format that is accepted when uploading.
2.The MP3 file must have a minimum (fixed) bit rate of 192 kbps

This has to do with a quality rating. Buma/Stemra requires this quality as a minimum in order to be able to use the sound file for the recognition of the musical work. If the MP3 initially had a lower bit rate, and was then upgraded to a higher bit rate, it may be that it incorrectly shows the higher bit rate on some systems. The quality would still be too low in this case. It would be best to create the file again, but with the correct minimum bit rate.

  1. There should be no punctuation marks in the file name

Punctuation marks such as parentheses, commas, etc. can cause problems (errors) when uploading. It is therefore important to only use text in the file name.

  1. The MP3 file should not contain any so-called ‘ID3 tags’.

Programmes with which it is possible to create an MP3 sometimes add an ID3 tag (this is additional Metadata information) to an MP3 file. These ID3 tags can cause problems when uploading. It is therefore important to keep the MP3 as ‘clean’ as possible. For example, if you create this MP3 with iTunes, it can happen that a TAG of this kind is added automatically. This is easily remedied by adjusting the settings in iTunes before a new MP3 is created. You can possibly also remove the ID3 tags later with a ‘tag remover’, various versions of which are available on the Internet.

The bit rate of my MP3 is too low to upload the file onto the portal. What could be the cause of this?

Possible causes:

  • The bit rate is actually too low. The bit rate must be at least 192 kbps;
  • The file has a ‘variable’ rather than a ‘fixed’ bit rate. With a variable bit rate, only the lower limit is shown. If this is 96 kbps, for example, the portal recognizes the file as an MP3 with a bit rate of 96 kbps;
  • Too much information is linked to the MP3 In this case, it is probable that unwanted ID3 tags are linked to the file, which cause similar upload problems. These tags can be removed with the aid of the following (free) programmes (among others):

For Windows:
For MAC: