Royalty Free Service

Do I have to pay Stemra if I publish CDs under my own management?

The makers of a self-managed CD are often themselves the authors of the songs on it. If they are affiliated to Stemra, this means that they have to wait more than a year before they get their own money back. And then there is still 25 percent for administration costs to be deducted. This is a concern for many members. On the initiative of the Council of Members, Stemra has therefore started a pilot ‘royalty free service’. With this, creators of a CD under their own management who are also the author are offered the opportunity to have the first 400 copies pressed free from mechanical rights. They only have to pay € 50 for administrative costs. There are some preconditions, however. Naturally, all rightholders have to be in agreement, and there must be a predominantly promotional use.