What is a query?

A query is any report by an author and/or publisher who is a member of Buma/Stemra or by a sister society with which Buma/Stemra has signed a representation agreement that indicates that the author, publisher or sister society disagrees with the amount of the Buma/Stemra remuneration that has been paid, or claims a missing remuneration payment.

Submitting a query

If you believe that you have not been paid or have not been paid enough, you can make this known to Buma/Stemra by submitting a query. You can submit a substantiated query in which all the required data has been entered up to 31 December of the second year following the calendar year in which the relevant payment was made. Your right to complain about a payment expires after this date.
You can submit your queries via the portal, via the queries form (Excel) or via email to commentaren@bumastemra.nl. The queries form can be found on the portal under the tab Help/Distribution (current year)/service request form.
In order to be able to process a query, the following information is always required:

  • Title of the work
  • Name of composer/author
  • Work number
  • Period/date of use
  • Distribution (number)

In addition, more specific information (such as place/location performance, title of sound carrier, etc.) is required for each type of query. The information that is required in order for the query to be processed is indicated in the queries form and on the portal.

All the relevant information needed to start the investigation should basically be available if you submit your query via the portal or the queries form and fill in all the fields. It is important that you include all the required information if you submit your query by email. Finally, it is important that you have registered your work with Buma/Stemra before the corresponding payment is sent. An entitlement to payment in respect of the registered music work only arises only after its registration.

What happens after you have submitted your query?

You will always receive a message from us within 5 working days after the receipt of your query, in which we will confirm the receipt of your query. We will also state the case number under which your query is registered, who is dealing with your query, and how the query procedure works.

How long does a query procedure last?

Buma/Stemra will make every effort to deal with your query within three months. If processing your query is complex, this may take longer, and Buma/Stemra may extend the period up to a maximum of 12 months. Buma/Stemra will then inform you about the state of affairs at least once every three months. In the case of queries that relate to use abroad, the maximum of twelve months does not apply, because, in this respect, Buma/Stemra depends on the availability and delivery of relevant information from sister societies.

Did you expect a different solution?

If you do not agree with the outcome of the queries procedure, you can submit a dispute to the Disputes Committee of Buma/Stemra. You can find more information about the Disputes Committee and the Disputes Committee Rules here.