I want to play music in public. Is that allowed?

If you want to play music in, for example, your store, catering business or office, then you need permission from the creator of that music. The same applies if you want to use music for a radio or TV show, or at a concert or theatre performance. Buma will provide the permission for all music authors and publishers who are members. After a fee (license) has been paid to us, you can use the music. You can find more information here.

I am already paying to Buma and/or Sena, is it true that I am paying twice?

Buma handles the copyrights of the composer and/or the lyricist, while Sena deals with the so-called neighbouring rights of the performing artist/musician and/or producer (record company).

Is it necessary to pay a fee for the use of music for a non-commercial event?

It makes no difference whether the music is used with a commercial or non-commercial purpose. The music copyright only considers the use, and whether an entrance fee is charged or not. Buma/Stemra will certainly consider this aspect when determining the fees (rates) to be paid. But the principle remains the same: a fee is to be paid for the use of music.