What is the Buma/Stemra portal?

The portal is a service that Buma/Stemra offers its members. This is a part of the website, and is exclusively available to our members. The portal gives you access to your personal details as registered with Buma/Stemra (including work details and payment and distribution details).

After entering the login data, you will be directed to your personal environment within the portal. The ‘Home’ environment is your homepage. From here, you have access to various services.

You can jump from your ‘Home’ page to any desired portal environment at one click of the mouse, for example:

  • Manage your musical works

You can register your new works online and view the works you have already registered.

  • View your statements

Buma/Stemra sends most documents digitally nowadays. You can find these documents in the ‘My Documents’ environment. Here, you will find, among others, current account overviews, payments details and annual specifications.

You can also make a selection of your data (period, work, country, etc.) and then easily export this to a CSV file.

  • View and register live performances

Whenever your music is performed live, you can claim royalties, regardless of who arranged the performance. Using the ‘Music Use’ tab, you can specify, among other things, where, when and by whom your works were used during a stage performance.

You can also search for all Dutch live performances registered with us.

  • Changing your details

Here, you can view and modify the account details that you have registered with Buma/Stemra. This includes your personal details (name, address, residence), contact information, your portal password, and much more!

Do you have any questions, suggestions or comments regarding our portal? Please feel free to let us know! We will continue to work on possible improvements in order to provide you with the best possible service.

You can reach us on info@bumastemra.nl or bsportal@bumastemra.nl (technical helpdesk). But you can also call us on: +31 (0)23 799 7889