Should I pay Buma/Stemra?

How much you need to pay for the use of music varies according to the situation. For example, what kind of music would you like to use? How large is the space in which the music is being played? Using the license tool, you will quickly and easily be able to calculate the height of the fee for your use of music. You can indicate the kind of music you want to use by filling in a specification form.

How much should I pay?

The amount you pay for music use is calculated very precisely. To determine the rates, Buma and Stemra use their own calculation method for each group of music users. Buma for the public performance/publication of music, Stemra for recording it. For Buma, for example, the length of time during which a musical work can be heard and the reach, among other factors, determine the fee that must be paid by the music users. Even for very short fragments there a fee applies. Stemra charges fees, for example, per recording media, i.e. CD or DVD.

Who doesn’t love music? In a shop, café, bar or restaurant, good music creates a pleasant atmosphere for customers and employees. But the music you enjoy didn’t just come out of the blue. Text and composition require intensive work. It’s therefore logical to pay music authors the remuneration they deserve.

What is the role of Buma/Stemra?

Do you like to use music in your shop or restaurant? Do you want to record someone’s composition on a CD or play it on your website? It’s a lot of work to ask the various individual music authors for permission and to arrange a payment. Fortunately, you can arrange this permission through a single body: Buma/Stemra. We exploit the rights of more than 20,000 Dutch music authors and publishers. Even when you use foreign music, you can arrange the fees through us.

Buma/Stemra collects fees from music users and distributes them to the music authors who are members. A complicated process when you consider that there are tens of thousands of music users and two million registered music creations. In order to make this process as simple as possible, we conclude contracts with coordinating organisations of music users, and sometimes with individual users. Based on the type of use, we distribute the money that we receive from them to the music authors whose creations are used.

With which other authorities do you still have to deal?

In order to make use of music, sometimes more than just a payment to Buma/Stemra is necessary. We only exploit the rights of music authors and publishers. But there are also others who derive rights from musical works. Think of the performing artists, including singers and bands, who performed the music. Or the record companies who produced the CDs.

Through Sena (Stichting ter Eploitatie van Naburige Rechten = the Dutch Foundation for the Exploitation of Neighbouring Rights), you pay a fee to the performing artist(s)/musicians and producers (record companies). For the rights concerning TV and film you do this via the VIDEMA Foundation. For more information about paying for the use of music, please fill in the contact form.