Creative Commons

Creative Commons offers authors, artists, scientists and all other creative creators the freedom to handle their copyrights in a flexible way. Buma/Stemra offers her members the opportunity to, besides commercial exploitation through Buma/Stemra, license non-commercial exploitation of their musical works through Creative Commons themselves, strictly for promotional purposes. Authors that are already a member of Buma/Stemra can therefore license non-commercial use according to the Creative Commons conditions within the membership context of – and the commercial exploitation by – Buma/Stemra.

A writer or composer who, until now, has only released his work under non-commercial Creative Commons conditions, can also choose to become a member of Buma/Stemra in order to transfer the fee collection, resulting from the commercial use of his works, to Buma/Stemra. In all cases shall commercial use continue to go through Buma/Stemra.

If you would like to make use of this feature you can inform Buma/Stemra of your decision by filling out the form below.

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