Buma/Stemra in Europe

What happens if my music is used in another country?

Within the European Union, authors, lyricists, composers and publishers are free to join a copyright organisation of their choice. Buma/Stemra is thereby operating in a competitive market.

Works from members of Buma/Stemra are often exploited in the territories of sister societies. The sister society will do everything that can reasonably be expected of it to collect fees for use of music abroad. This agreement arises, among other things, from the reciprocal agreements that Buma/Stemra has concluded with sister societies. In addition, sister societies have agreed with each other to treat foreign rightholders in the same way as their own rightholders.

Sister societies are autonomous bodies, however, and act on the basis of local laws and regulations (Articles of Association and rules). The legal situation, and hence the exploitation policy, varies from country to country. Buma/Stemra has no power to influence the distribution and collection policies of her sister societies. There may be a difference in relation to the manner of representation or to the rates, but this can also manifest itself in the way in which users of music are detected.