Booking offices

With which booking offices does Buma/Stemra work?

The booking offices on the list below are allowed to invoice advance payments on behalf of Buma. If you book artists through a booking office that is not shown on this list? Then you must contact Buma directly yourself before the event to apply for a license.

Booking office CoC-number
AAA 2010 BV 34392316
Agents After All BV 34214585
Berk Music Entertainment VOF 01097362
Berk Music Productions BV 17099297
Brandon BV (Studio One) 06082483
Buro2010 BV 32076138
BuroNL B.V. 59341939
Double Vee Concerts BV 24475115
Easybookings B.V. 04073527
Entertainment-NL B.V. 34299144
Friendly Fire B.V. 30251806
Het B.V. (AT Bookings) 27273630
J.B. Productions 23061686
Line Up Events 30152853
Live & Booking VOF 54349710
Lukassen Produkties VOF 09117895
ME Productions 04087389
Muziek en Showbureau Jan Vis B.V. 16023833
SoDifferent Agency 67768636
Total Rocket Management BV 32046066
Tribe Boekingen BV (also Nr. Eins Boekingen) 61950254
Twilight Entertainment 17161253
Viking Entertainment BV 02143911
Volendam Music BV 36005828