Types of users

Various situations are possible in which music is used. A brief overview of the different types of categories of music use is given below.

A concert or event is unthinkable without music. If you are organising performances, concerts or events, you will pay a fee for the use of music. The fee consists of a percentage of the proceeds of the performance (the receipts), the wages or the buy-out fee (the gross amount that you pay for the performance, excluding VAT).

If you want to use music, you can simply arrange to pay the license fee in advance by using a specification form. It is also possible to agree on an advance payment through your booking agency.

Music can do a lot for your business. Research shows that background music increases sales, persuades visitors to stay longer in bars and restaurants, and makes employees feel more comfortable and therefore perform more productively. You can quickly benefit from this. If you want to use music, you can simply manage the licence in advance through Buma/Stemra or via My Licence.

Without music, there would quickly be radio silence between you and your audience. That is why it is very important to manage your music use well. Most broadcasters therefore conclude an agreement with Buma/Stemra, and often pay the fee annually.

Music gives a website atmosphere, and provides a better user experience. Music is also widely used in apps, online games and films. The way in which music is used determines the fee that is to be paid. As a musical work is placed on a website to create a more attractive experience, there is likely to be background music on your website. When music has a more prominent position, for example on a music platform, a different rate applies. You can also manage the licence for online music use via Buma/Stemra.

Music in videos and commercials
Music plays an important role in conveying a message. For this reason, music is often used in audiovisual productions such as commercials, corporate videos and films. You pay a fee to the creators for the music you use in such a production. This can be conveniently managed by using the services of Buma/Stemra.

Other organisations
Whether it concerns health care facilities or schools, music societies or churches, sports clubs or dance schools – music can be heard everywhere. During a sports tournament or dance class, for example, or at a choir rehearsal. In order to use this music, you pay a fee to Buma.