Buma/Stemra wants to improve the position of women in music

5 April 2018
This Thursday Dutch copyright organization Buma/Stemra presents a study on equality between men and women among music makers. Only 13% of the members of the organization are female. Buma/Stemra wants to improve the position of women in music.

The research, which will be presented on Thursday 5 April in Nieuwspoort, The Hague, has yielded valuable insights into barriers for female songwriters. For example, there appears to be a shortage of role models and the statement “The music world is a real man’s world” is confirmed by three quarters of the female participants.

“We’re here for all authors and publishers in the Netherlands, regardless of gender, origin or age,” says Buma/Stemra CEO Wim van Limpt. “If research shows that there are barriers for certain groups to work in this industry, we should act on that.”

Following the results, Buma/Stemra will form a working group consisting of female authors and employees of the organization. This group will dive deeper into the issue and continue to create a plan to improve the position of female authors.