Buma/Stemra suspends payments to Russia

2 May 2022

Buma/Stemra has just informed the Russian collecting society RAO that it is suspending all payments to the organisation due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Buma/Stemra condemns Russia’s attack on freedom and human rights in Ukraine and supports its colleagues and partners in Ukraine.

Bernard Kobes, CEO Buma/Stemra: “This is a difficult decision because we are well aware that the freeze on payments to RAO will affect composers and music authors in Russia. But until Russia’s invasion and EU sanctions end, we see no other way of reacting than to suspend our payments. We intend to hold on to all the amounts we collect until the end of the war and sanctions have been lifted.”

Background information

Payments from Buma/Stemra to RAO are normally made if Russian musical works are used in the Netherlands.  Buma/Stemra collects these payments and passes them on to RAO; after which, RAO pays its affiliated composers, writers and publishers for the use of their music.