Buma/Stemra and APRA AMCOS announce Pan Asian Multi-Territory Licensing agreement

7 December 2020

Buma/Stemra and and APRA AMCOS have entered into an agreement that will see APRA AMCOS represent Buma/Stemra’s repertoire via its Pan Asian Multi-Territory Licensing (PAL) hub.

The agreement will streamline the licensing, collection and distribution of royalties for Buma/Stemra’s represented repertoire on digital and online multi-territory services throughout the wider Asian region, which includes India.

Buma/Stemra’s repertoire, which includes many global chart-toppers such as Martin Garrix, Tiësto and André Rieu, will be represented by APRA AMCOS through the PAL multi-territory digital licensing hub, enabling the licensing, collection and distribution of royalties for Buma/Stemra’s represented rights on digital and online multi territory services across the region.

The APRA AMCOS PAL hub was created to offer a full service multi-territory digital licensing, processing and distribution hub for copyright holders looking to efficiently unlock the traditionally complex and difficult Asian digital environment. Since Universal Music Publishing became the foundation member in 2013 the PAL hub has now expanded to include 12 members following the addition of Buma/Stemra.

Bernard Kobes, CEO of Buma/Stemra: “The online market is growing rapidly in Asia. We’re thrilled that our members from now on will benefit from that growth. We really look forward working closely together with the excellent APRA AMCOS team in order to maximize the revenue stream for our members.”

Dean Ormston, CEO of APRA AMCOS, said “We are excited to welcome our trusted society partner Buma/Stemra into our industry-leading Pan Asian Multi-Territory Licensing Hub. We look forward to working closely with the fantastic team at Buma/Stemra to help their members unlock the value of their works in what is an incredibly dynamic and hugely exciting digital market that spans both traditional digital music services and emerging world-leading social, gaming and user generated digital offerings that harness the incredible power of music.”

APRA AMCOS is a music rights organisation representing over 108,000 members who are songwriters, composers and music publishers. We license organisations to play, perform, copy, record or make available our members’ music, and we distribute the royalties to our members.