Income example

The fee for the use of music on the radio and television is paid out per broadcast seconds. The value per second differs per year and per channel.

Radio and TV

When musical work written by you, with a playtime of 3 minutes, is broadcast on:

1 Radio 538, you receive € 43,74: 180 seconds x €0,243 p/s
2 Radio 3FM, you receive € 20,70: 180 seconds x €0,115 p/s
3 NPO 1, 2, 3, you receive € 55,26: 180 seconds x €0,307 p/s
4 RTL 4, you receive € 116,28: 180 seconds x €0,646 p/s

The numbers in this calculation example are based on the performance year 2015.


Live performances (performance; live performances) are calculated based on a percentage of the gross receipts and/or the wages, with a surface price as the minimum remuneration.

Buma applies a distributable minimum remuneration of € 22 per performance. The remuneration is determined based on the set list and distributed among the involved rightholders.

Example: you perform in a party tent and play a repertoire you’ve written yourself.
Gross receipts € 15,000
Wages € 5,000
Surface 1200 m2

For this performance € 15,000 x 7% = € 1,050 is available for distribution among the rightholders concerned.

Physical (Stemra)

In general, payment is based on the number of copies (in the case of productions under own management) or based on the amount of sold copies (in the case of big record companies).
Example: your new CD has been published (produced under own management). The number of copies is 1000. You personally wrote all pieces.
There are 13 songs, the CD costs € 17 in stores.
The label/principal pays (according to rate) – € 1.18 per copy X 1000 = € 1,180
Stemra’s administration costs are 25 % = € 295
Stemra distributes a net remuneration of € 1,180 – € 295 = € 885. Which is € 68 per track.


The Digital department ensures that deals struck with the larger parties (Spotify, iTunes, etc.) are as beneficial as possible and rightholders receive the highest possible remuneration for online music use. The department also continually closes deals with smaller parties, such as Internet stations.

Foreign countries

We also process music use when your music is used abroad. We cooperate with organisations in countries all over the world for this.