Flexco calculator

Rightholders have the possibility of excluding the exploitation of their authors rights by the collective management of Buma/Stemra in five different categories using the opt-out system. The five main categories are: RTV & Simulcasting, Stages/Events, Background music, Mechanical and Online.

When you make use of the opportunity to manage your rights in a flexible way, this also has an impact on your personal financial situation. Using the calculator below, it is possible to give an indication of what it means to you if copyright categories are excluded from collective management. Choose your own profile based on the options.

When choosing your expected income you can use the information on our website: how much remuneration do I receive for the use of my music? When making your choice per category, it is good to keep into account things that only you know about. Think, for example, about: do you write a lot of commissioned music; are your songs often performed by others; do you often perform yourself; do you release CDs under your own management; is your music used internationally. These and other factors may be important in making your choice. For more information about the five categories: click here.