Integrity Committee

(Regulation applicable until 21 June 2018)

The Integrity Committee deals with complaints from members of Buma/Stemra regarding significant breaches of the Code of Conduct by a serving member of the board, and advises the Board of Buma/Stemra regarding the suspension and dismissal of a board member.

The Integrity Committee consists of at least 5 members appointed by the General Members Meeting of Buma/Stemra (one independent chairman, one independent deputy chairman and three Buma/Stemra rightholders).

Procedure (summary)

As the complainant, a member may make a complaint to the chairman of the board if he considers that there has been a violation of the Code of Conduct for board members. The complaint must meet the relevant requirements as set out in the Integrity Rules. One of those requirements is a clear statement of the complaint, including an indication of the violated norm and supported by facts and evidence about the (alleged) infringement. The chairman of the board will check the complaint against the rules and, in principle, will make a statement within 4 weeks. If there is a manifest complaint, the chairman of the board will submit the complaint to the Integrity Committee for consideration.

The Integrity Committee assesses the forwarded complaint, and may give the complainant the opportunity to correct any deficiencies in the complaint. The Integrity Committee can then give the complainant and the accused the opportunity to be heard. The Integrity Committee thereby has the possibility of making some considerations, for example, “can a sanction be considered as less understandable or not comprehensible” or “whether the complaint can be considered as a less serious violation of the Code of Conduct”. The Integrity Committee will make a statement within 2 months, and will advise the Board of Buma/Stemra.

Complaints that are being dealt with or were being dealt with by the Disputes Committee of Buma/Stemra are excluded from consideration by the Integrity Committee.

Consult the Integrity Rules here

Composition of the Buma/Stemra Integrity Committee

Chairman: Mr. J. de Vreese-Rood
Deputy chairman: Mr. N. van Lingen
Member-author: Mr. W.B. Hoiting
Member-author: Mr. E. Verwey

If your complaint meets all the requirements, you can refer it to the Secretarial Office in writing.

Buma and Stemra Integrity Committee
c/o Secretarial Office, Attn: O. Meijer
Postbus 3080
2130 KB Hoofddorp, The Netherlands