Complaints procedure (Music users)

What is the Buma/Stemra procedure regarding queries?

It deals with cases between you and ourselves regarding the performance of our work, and queries and how we deal with them. We know that things can go wrong from time to time, despite all the best efforts from all parties involved. If you have any problems, please contact us as soon as possible, either by post, telephone or email. We can then see whether the matter can be quickly resolved.

With regard to questions and comments about (incorrect) administration

If you have a question relating to a charged fee or an administrative process, please send it to the relevant department at Buma/Stemra. The contact details can be found below. The request must be filed within three months after the fee being charged.

In many cases, your question will be about the requirement to obtain copyright permission and to pay a fee. It may be that one or more invoices are still to be paid by you, or that you receive an invoice from us while your question is being handled. In principle, you simply need to meet your obligations. Therefore, asking a question has no suspensory effect. But we will always check whether your question provides a reason to agree that you will make the payment later, when the question has been answered (if the payment is still required!) We will make every effort to promptly correct any mistakes and to clear up any ambiguities as quickly as possible. If a mistake cannot be fixed right away, Buma/Stemra will aim to resolve the situation as soon as reasonably possible, and in any case within two months of receipt of the query.

Contact information
+31 (0)23 799 78 01

+31 (0)23 799 78 58

Radio and television
+31 (0)23 799 79 99

Sheet music
+31 (0)23 799 72 41

Productions under own management
+31 (0)23 799 78 28

Audio-visual productions
+31 (0)23 799 78 28

Collective schemes Buma
+31 (0)23 799 79 99

General Legal Affairs
+31 (0)23 799 78 99

Service Centre for Copyright and Neighbouring Rights
+31 (0)20 700 90 99


Complaints & Disputes

About the complaints procedure

If you have a complaint about a fee that has been invoiced or if you are not satisfied with our approach to the problem you reported or with the outcome, or if you have any other complaint about our services, the complaints procedure mentioned below comes into effect. We have developed this for our customers in order to quickly and clearly handle their complaints.

Within three working days of receiving your complaint, we will send a confirmation of receipt to your registered email address. We will give your complaint a number, and always referring to this complaint number will improve the handling of the complaint. We will make every effort to promptly correct any mistakes and to clear up any ambiguities as quickly as possible. If a mistake cannot be fixed right away, Buma/Stemra will aim to resolve the case as soon as reasonably possible, and normally within a month of receiving the complaint, otherwise you will receive a conformation that the complaint is being handled. In that case, you will receive a decision on the complaint within two months. The decision on your complaint will be in writing and will be sent to your registered email address. If you wish, you can receive a copy of the decision by regular post.

The handling of your complaint will be accelerated if you clearly define what you disagree with. The Legal Affairs department can assist you with this, if you wish. Please do not hesitate to contact the staff of the department about this, even though we are your “adversary”. We also have an interest in avoiding unnecessary misunderstandings and irritations.

Send your complaint in writing to the Legal Affairs department of Buma/Stemra. This can be done by post or email. Please state:

(a) your name, address and place of residence;
(b) the telephone number where we can reach you if necessary;
(c) the most suitable email address for you for contacts regarding the handling of the complaint;
(d) where possible, the name and location of the company, institution or association/foundation for which you perform;
(e) if you have one, please also quote the account number provided by Buma/Stemra.

Contact information
For the attention of: Legal Affairs
Postbus 3080
2130 KB Hoofddorp
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 (0)23 799 7511

What if you disagree with the decision on your complaint?

If your complaint relates to a fee that has been invoiced and you disagree with the decision on your complaint, you have the option to file a dispute with the Disputes Committee Copyright. The Disputes Committee Copyright deals with a variety of disputes about fees charged, such as an incorrect rate being used or the fee being unfair in your opinion. Below, in Section D, you will find an explanation of the Disputes Committee Copyright.

If you do not agree with the decision on your complaint in the case of all complaints other than the fee that has been invoiced, you have the possibility of asking our management to re-examine your complaint. You should make this request in writing within one month of being sent the decision on your complaint. We would advise you to clearly indicate why you do not find the decision on your complaint acceptable.

In principle, our management will make a decision within one month, and will notify you in writing. If the matter requires more time, we will inform you why the normal settlement period cannot be met, and will give you an estimate of the time required. In any case, you will receive the final decision of the management on your complaint within three months. The matter is thereby settled between you and Buma/Stemra. It will help to settle your complaint if you provide us with as much information as possible that may clarify the issue. Any information that you provide, either on request or voluntarily, will be treated carefully and confidentially.

Our management will decide on questions that are not covered in this complaints procedure.

Contact information:
For the attention of: The Management
Postbus 3080
2130 KB Hoofddorp
The Netherlands