Availability around the holidays

22 December 2020

We are closed on Thursday December 24. We are available between Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Buma/Stemra and APRA AMCOS announce Pan Asian Multi-Territory Licensing agreement

7 December 2020

Buma/Stemra and and APRA AMCOS have entered into an agreement that will see APRA AMCOS represent Buma/Stemra’s repertoire via its Pan Asian Multi-Territory Licensing (PAL) hub. The agreement will streamline the licensing, collection and distribution of royalties for Buma/Stemra’s represented repertoire on digital and online multi-territory services throughout the wider Asian region, which includes India.…

Buma/Stemra pays out new record amount to members in 2019

26 August 2020

The financial figures for 2019 were presented Wednesday 26th August last during an online edition of the General Members’ Meeting. In addition, Marleen Kloppers was appointed as CFO and member of the board. We herewith would like to inform you about the most important aspects of the financial results for 2019 and the decisions that…